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Doorbell and Video Intercom

When guests arrive, they press the doorbell and it does what doorbells do (“ding dong” throughout the house), but in addition, it will chime your smart phone wherever you are.  Press a button and you can see and hear the people at the door, and you can even press a button to talk to them.  It works in the house or on the other side of the world.  If it’s a salesperson, just don’t do anything and they won’t even know if you were home.

Four Keycode Locks

This house has a lot of outside door locks (seventeen!), so while you could carry a key around and use it to open doors, it’s pretty handy to be able to just enter a code.  Walk out any door to the North or South of the house and you don’t need to do anything special – just close it behind you and it locks automatically.  When you’re ready to return, just enter your code and you’re in the door in two seconds.

Keycode Lock
Nest Thermostat App
Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

It looks complex, but it’s actually so much easier to use than any other thermostat.  Feeling warm?  Just walk up and turn the knob to the left.  Or even better, use your smart phone to change the temperature from your couch.  What seems like a convenience is actually a necessity in Yuma – turn it to “Away” mode while you’re gone on vacation to save energy, then put it back to normal using your phone on your drive home to arrive to a cool house!

Wired for an Internet Security Camera

Add any Internet camera to this pre-wired camera housing on the front of the house and you can keep an eye on everything from inside or from anywhere in the world.  Motion detection will automatically record visitors and you can even zoom in to read license plates and see the faces of car passengers.  More than anything it provides peace of mind for you and all of your neighbors – nobody in their right mind would consider committing a crime in the cul-de-sac with the prominent security camera.

Internet Camera Housing
Two Electric/Water/Sewer Hookups
Gated RV Driveway
Room for a huge RV and trailer
Huge Area

87′ RV Area with Two Sets of Hookups

Not only does the driveway have enough room for the largest motorhome on the planet, it can be towing the longest trailer at the time!  Or invite your friends and fit two motorhomes, each with their own electric/water/sewer hookups.  The locked gate provides security and it would be super easy to add a roof for shade.

Two Stacked Washer/Dryers

Each side of the house has its own stacked washer/dryer unit tucked away conveniently in the hall closet.  Imagine offering your guests their own washer/dryer or being able to run two loads at the same time!  Then just close the closet door and they get so quiet that you’ll forget they’re even running.

Two stacked washer/dryers
South Hall Laundry
Breadbox and cutting boards
Trash can drawer
Island cabinets (closed)
Island cabinets (open)

Custom Cabinets Throughout

These aren’t store-bought cabinets, they’re fully custom works of art.  The blueprints for the house go into amazing detail – planning every inch with custom cabinets built to make the most efficient use of space.  Under the kitchen microwave is a unique breadbox and unused cutting boards that can be pulled out for cleaning.  On each side of the island are hidden cabinets that have a ton of storage space with even more on the back-side of the island.  And while it doesn’t sound that amazing at first, all of the drawers throughout the home slide all the way out so that you can access items along the very back edge with ease.

Two Giant Walk-In Showers

Forget cramped showers with curtains – each side of the house has its own walk-in tiled shower that is so large that guests always say the same thing – “that shower is bigger than my first apartment!”  Add to that a large rainfall shower head along with a second traditional shower head both pointing at you at once and you’ll feel like royalty.  And since no king or queen should have to wait for hot water, each shower has its own electric water heater just a few feet away to provide almost instant hot water (the house has four water heaters in total)!

Giant walk-in showers
Two showerheads
Steps into the shower
South bathroom shower